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Mattress sales and why we don't have them
Why we don’t have them, and why we don’t use gimmicks


The Mattress sale that you see everyday is designed to take your eye off what the real value of a mattress is. The real value is in the materials used. Different fabrics, fancy names, endless model options are all designed to make it impossible to compare mattresses. 

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What mattress materials you should be comparing

99% of mattress problems come from one place. Plastic. Also, 99% of mattresses sold are made of plastic. Plastic fabric, plastic foam. That cooling gel? That’s plastic. Memory foam? Pure plastic. Mattress sales are designed to stop the important questions from being asked. Like, What is it made of? 

The problem with plastic

Plastic is cheap, and it’s easy to get. Most manufacturers love it for that reason. It’s also responsible for that dip in your last mattress. That tempur mattress you got at a 50% off mattress sale? That’s 80kgs of plastic.

If you want to figure out what a good mattress is, figure out how much plastic it has in it.

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The Solution

My mattresses are made with springs and latex. I have a cheaper option that uses 2 smaller layers of plastic, as I do have customers that love the modular design, and they want the standard foam. So I make the Cooper mattress for them.

You can unzip it, swap the interior layers, make it firmer/softer, change the springs.  More about the adjustment process here.  Come to the showroom/factory and check them out to see what I mean. If I can’t solve your problem, I’ll give you your money back. More about returns here.

Making our Mattresses

Making our mattresses is a delicate balancing act between spring tension, foam density, quilting materials, and your personal preferences.

If any of these are off-balance, you will have a sub-optimal alignment while you sleep. 

Imagine laying in a hammock on your side. Your hips shouldn’t be lower than the rest of your body. These are the problems I solve every day.

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Always Improving

Having a factory ensures that I understand every component that goes into the mattresses. 

Being able to talk to all my customers in the same building allows a lot of flexibility with our mattress development.

I’m always making small tweaks to the mattresses, they’re in a constant state of development.

I believe if there’s a 1% chance of making my mattresses better, I’M DOING IT!

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This is what I want! Best mattress !

“They are not only very professional mattress makers but also very friendly customer service! I spent a lot of time trying to find the best mattress and finally found it.”
5 Stars – Changkeun H. November 2019

Refreshingly different

“Love their no-pressure, down-to-earth approach to selling mattresses – refreshingly different from the major retailers. Bed is comfortable and delivery was very easy and efficient (thanks Harry and Kez).”

5 Stars – Nicholas Smith. September 2019

Google Reviews

Got the first latex mattress and it is wonderful!

“Just relocated to Sydney and visited Ausbeds. Was given a informative and factual tour on mattress by owner and the product delivered was better than what was told! Honest and reliable product and service!”

5 Stars – Chan C. October 2019

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From the founder/owner

At the Ausbeds mattress factory, my team and I help people every day achieve their mattress goals quickly, easily, precisely, and without pressure.

We leave nothing to chance and do everything ourselves at every level, from manufacturing and sales, all the way through to delivery and returns. No third parties, no excuses, no headaches.

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1. We make them

You’ll probably see us making them at the showroom.

2. We deliver them

Which means delivery precision, and less headaches

3. They are affordable

We can reduce costs, without reducing quality

4. They’re not boxed

It’s for better edge support