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Really Simple Returns

For deliveries made within 100kms of our mattress factory at 136 Victoria rd, Marrickville

If you live further than 100kms from our Marrickville factory, check here >

A quick, friendly heads-up for deliveries over 100 km using an external courier:

  1. You will be responsible for all delivery costs for any refunds or swap overs, which may vary based on the courier at the time. Please be assured that we will strive to find the most cost-effective option for you.
  2. Although we can’t control courier employees, we trust them to provide great service despite potential limitations.
  3. We’re committed to doing our absolute best to minimise any damage risks during transport, and we’ll go the extra mile for you, even if we can’t make it 100% risk-free.
  4. If any damage happens, we’ll cheerfully cover the cost of the damaged part, but not the transportation. No worries, we’ll package your mattress with lots of love and care!

I’ve had my mattress for 0 – 100 days

What happens if…

I want to change to firmer/softer
Check our adjustment instructions
Read More
I don’t want it anymore

If during the first 100 days you decide you’re not completely comfortable, give us a call and we will send our driver directly to you to adjust the firmness in the comfort of your home, free of charge if you are within 15km of our Marrickville store, or $2 per km if you are outside the free shipping zone. And, If you’re still not happy after the change, we will issue a refund. We’ll Drive out really quickly and pick it up.

When it’s back we’ll call and refund everything minus a $90 return fee + $2 per km.

Return cost example:

Jane lives in Woollongong (75kms from ausbeds factory). She would like to return the mattress as it’s not working out for her. The fee breakdown would look like this. $90 recycle fee plus $2 per km for us to pick it up. In this case it is 75kms, so the fee would be $150. If you lived 10kms away, it would be $90+$20 = $110

100 days to end of warranty (10 years)

What happens if…

I want to change to firmer/softer
Check our adjustment instructions (There will be a charge as you are outside of the 100 days)
Read More
It’s dipped
Call us on 8999 3333 and we’ll fix it really quickly
Contact Us
I don’t want it anymore
Sorry, You are outside of the 100 days Comfort Guarantee

The Small Print – The spirit of the Guarantee

Think of buying a mattress at ausbeds, like buying a new bicycle. If a part wears down in an unreasonable amount of time we will replace that part for free.

For example the foam near the top of the mattress is the part that wears the fastest (just like a bike tyre wears out ).

All mattress foam on any mattress will wear over time. We have created a system so rather than replacing the whole bike, you can just replace the tyre whenever you see fit. How “fresh” you want the mattress to feel depends on how often you change the foam.

For example, you’ve had a sienna for 7 years, it’s still performing as a 7-year-old mattress should. We wouldn’t replace the foam for free as it’s similar to a worn-out tyre. Instead, you can just purchase those layers from us. They’re cheap!

Of course, if you feel the foam wears down in an unreasonable amount of time you can simply call us and let us know. We’ll definitely replace it for free.

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