I’m Just Getting Confused Now..

Buying a comprehensive health insurance policy or purchasing a good quality mattress; there would only be a discerning few who might not see the similarities between the two. After all, both really are investments to ensure a happy and healthy present and future.

So whilst shopping around to buy a new mattress might seem deceptively easy; it seldom is! With so many types and choices available now, you might be forgiven to think it takes a mattress expert to get it right! Well use the below very handy guide and ensure you get your mattress right!

Inner-Spring Mattresses

By far the most commonly sold and purchased mattresses in Australia! Made up of coils and wires that provide support and form the very architecture of the mattress, it’s important to determine the quality of these springs and how they are arranged to ensure longevity and overall comfort. This coupled with the external upholstery or comfort layers made up of foam; padding or fibres provide the ultimate cushioning. Some top quality inner-spring mattresses may charge a premium for using padding made of exclusive materials such as goose down, latex, wool and good quality foam.

How the coils and wires of the Inner-spring-mattresses are arranged, determine the type and style of the mattress and ultimately the comfort levels.

Open-Spring Mattresses

Better known as the traditional Inner-spring-mattress; made up of spring coils and wires interwoven together in a continuous pattern. Whilst this type of Inner-spring-mattress provides sturdy and consistent overall support, there is little to no individualized support when co-sleeping as constant movements can disturb your partner.

Pocket-Spring Mattresses

Usually a higher quality mattress, slightly on the pricier end of the scale, the coils and wires within this type of inner spring mattress are arranged as a working honeycomb; where each spring is individually packed and independent of each other thus providing more individualised support when co sleeping and overall greater support.


Whilst the thought of buying and sleeping on your own waterbed every night can be leave you as excited as a kid in the candy shop, beware of common pitfalls that can leave you severely out of pocket too!

Quality is everything! Whilst you can derive multiple therapeutic benefits from a waterbed such as reduce muscle tension and spasm, the saying no pain no gain is quite apt in this regard.

You do need to ensure you maintain correct water levels in your bed to attain optimum support and actually roll around in bed without putting up a struggle.


A good quality latex mattress hands down may be the right choice for you depending on factors such as your health. Incorporating pin-core holes in their design that allows for better mattress ventilation and made from a natural hypo-allergenic material that forms the very essence of this mattress, it can be a highly effective for allergy sufferers because they’re less likely to harbour mould and dust mites.

Latex mattresses can also offer excellent orthopaedic support because it contours to the body’s curves allowing to spreads the entire body weight more evenly thus minimizing “pressure points” and creating a more comfortable sleep overall. Whilst Latex mattresses are expensive, much like a top cover health insurance, but rest assured, these can last up to 20 years with proper care and maintenance!

Memory Foam

Gaining popularity and momentum, the viscoelastic foam or memory foam was originally created by NASA approx. 30 years ago, made from polyurethane, a different kind of cell structure than other foam mattresses, thus reacting better to your body heat and weight coupled with offering greater support to your pressure points for longer.

So no prizes for guessing you may find yourself tossing and turning less frequently and instead enjoying a good circulation and joint mobility throughout the night. This can be a great advantage when co sleeping too, as there is less chances of your movements disturbing your partner thanks to its reduced motion transfer properties.

What’s more, much like Latex, Memory foam is too resistant to bacteria, mould, mildew and mites thus another option to consider for those with respiratory health problems.

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