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Our advice on bed bases

These are things we think you should keep in mind when buying a bed base.

Things to consider when buying a bed base

Gas-lift beds

We used to sell them. We found that any that were less than $1000 retail were not solid enough.

This is because if the structure was not rigid enough. Over time this can lead to squeaks and movement in the frame.

Also, watch out for flexible slats in these as they can make the mattress sag in the middle.

My advice if you buy one, is to make sure it is a super sturdy build from a reputable seller. Cheap Chinese ones will just cause you headaches further down the road.

Beds with flexible slats

Flexible slats are bad. Avoid them. Higher priced bed frames with flexible slats may work, however in my experience you are just adding an unknown variable to the equation when you buy a base with flexible slats.

The middle of our body is the heaviest. When we lay on flexible slats the mattress “falls in” to the flexed slats beneath it. This can happen in months,, or it can take a few years. It depends on your weight. 

It can severely shorten the life span of your mattress, and it can ruin your back. Avoid at all costs. 

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