Frequently Asked Questions

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  • I live outside of Sydney, can you deliver to me?

    Nope!  But we should be able to by July 2020, until then it's Sydney only.  This is our most asked question so I'll elaborate.

    We pride ourselves on having flawless service.  For now that means concentrating on our home city of Sydney.

    We simply don't have enough time or energy to expand to new cities just yet, running a mattress factory is difficult, sorry!

    The furthest we can deliver is 60km from our address (136 victoria rd Marrickville).


  • Okay, I live in Sydney. When will my mattress be delivered?

    If you order by 1pm we can deliver your mattress that day. Otherwise, we will deliver your mattress the next day, or when it is convenient for you.
  • How much will delivery cost me?

    If you live within 15kms or Marrickville, Sydney then delivery is free. If you are outside of 15kms from Marrickville, you will be charged $2/km for delivery.
  • Can the driver carry the mattress inside?

    Standard delivery will include one driver who with your help, will bring the mattress inside, set it up in your preferred room and remove all packaging.

    The mattresses weigh up to 60kg so we ask that someone be there onsite to assist the driver in carrying the mattress inside.

    If no one will be there that can lift up to 60kg you can add a second delivery man for a charge of $50 (only available on orders within 15km of Marrickville).

Ausbeds Factory/Showroom

136 Victoria rd, Marrickville
Sydney phone 02 8999 3333

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Mon-Fri 10am - 5pm
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