Very Frequently Asked Questions

I live outside of Sydney, can you deliver to me?

Or is there a stockist in my city?  

Nope! no stockists, no deliveries more than 100kms from our Sydney, Marrickville Factory.

Many people use airtasker to have them picked up from our factory.  We have been told by customers that $270 seems to be the going rate for a pickup from our Sydney factory and a drop-off to your house in Melbourne or Brisbane.

Here are a few reasons why we don't deliver.

  1. Our goal is to build the best mattresses we possibly can. Rolling them into a box takes away from that. So we're not going to do that.
  2. Having a mattress factory and making mattresses is hard work. We just don't think we would have time to organize sending full-sized mattresses all over Australia at this point. Perhaps one day we will!

The furthest we can deliver is 100km from our address (136 victoria rd Marrickville). The cost is $2 per km from Marrickville.  Example, if you live 75kms away, it will be $150 cost. Please understand that outside 50km, we can't deliver next day, we'll call you to arrange a day that works for both of us.  Usually, it's within the week.

Do you pick up our old mattress?

Nope! Picking up your old mattress while dropping off your new one seems like a great idea. 

The logistics just don't work that way I'm afraid. If we mix old and new mattresses together, it risks spreading bed bugs and who knows what else through our warehouse, stock, vehicles, and ultimately spreading those nasties to the next customer's house, your house.

These guys are the fastest mattress removers in Sydney and cost around $50, or contact your local council as they may do it for free.

When are you open? Can I come and try your mattresses?

You can try them out in our nice n comfy showroom where you can make yourself at home. Remember, nobody here will pressure you for a sale. There are no sales commissions and no pressure.

There is also no negotiating. We've even solved that problem. How? The price and quality are already much better than the typical negotiated price. We can do that because we make them on-site.

Nobody before you got a discount, and nobody after you will get a discount.

Come to our factory/showroom at 136 victoria Rd, Marrickville, Sydney. Mon-Fri 10-5 pm and Sat-Sun 10-3 pm.

Less Frequently Asked Questions

I live in Sydney. When will my mattress be delivered?

You can schedule delivery up to 3 months in advance.

Quickest times are as follows

If delivery is less than 15kms, and it's before 1pm - same day

If delivery is less than 15kms - 50kms - next day

If delivery is less than 50kms - 100kms - usually within a week.

More than 100kms - sorry, we don't go this far


Do I need to use one of your bases?

Nope! use any base you like :) However, If the slats on your current bed frame are made of flexible wood, it may affect your comfort.  Rigid slats are the best option here.

How much will delivery cost me?

If you live within 15kms or Marrickville, Sydney then delivery is free. If you are outside of 15kms from Marrickville, you will be charged $2/km for delivery.

For example, if you live 12 kms away, it'll be free. If you live 18kms away, it'll be $36. 

Can the driver carry the mattress inside?

Standard delivery will include one driver who with your help, will bring the mattress inside, set it up in your preferred room and remove all packaging.

The mattresses weigh up to 60kg so we ask that someone be there onsite to assist the driver in carrying the mattress inside.

If no one will be there that can lift up to 60kg you can add a second delivery person ( $50 extra) - only available on orders within 15km of Marrickville.

Ausbeds Factory/Showroom

136 Victoria rd, Marrickville
Sydney phone 02 8999 3333

Factory Open To The Public

Mon-Fri 10am - 5pm
Sat-Sun 10am - 3pm