Aussie, Eco-friendly,
fully adjustable mattresses

Our Australian made mattresses are 100% hand-sewn, assembled and delivered directly from our Sydney mattress store.


The “traditional” feeling mattress

About the main material – Standard foam


  • Uses less foam, and will therefore be a cooler sleep


  • Less foam also means less conforming

Available in all sizes, Queen price – $1500


The most “Unique” feeling mattress

About the main material – Memory foam


  • Less partner disturbance than the other materials
  • Conforms to the body better than other materials


  • Memory foam sleeps warmer than standard foam, and latex
  • All memory foam will be firm up in winter, and soften in summer

Available in all sizes, Queen price – $1900


“Natural, durable, and cloudlike”

About the main material – Latex


  • Completely natural. 97% sap from a tree
  • Lively, supportive and cloudlike feeling
  • Lasts 4 times longer than the other foams


  • More likely to feel your partner moving than memory foam

Available in all sizes, Queen price – $2450

About Our Mattresses & Bases

Easily adjustable


Should I go medium or firm? What if I sleep on it but wish it were just a bit firmer or just a bit softer? 

Ausbeds unique design makes our mattresses inherently easy to adjust.

We even have a dedicated team that will drive to your house to make the adjustements.

Frequently asked questions

Can I buy a mattress online?

If you’re within 100km of our Marrickville factory, you can definitely buy online. Refer to our really smooth deliveries page here for more info

What is the difference with an ausbeds mattress?

We use Honeycomb springs on all of our mattresses. These contain 30% more springs than typical mattresses. These are premium springs and are more likely to fit your body than non-honeycomb arranged springs.

What if I don’t like the firmness that I receive?

The 6 (med-soft), 7 (med), and 8 (med-firm) are the same mattress components. This is the most popular option. If you buy one of these you can change between them at home within minutes.

What’s the difference between the Aurora, Sienna, and Cooper?

Cooper – The latex free alternative

Sienna – The step up to latex. Super durable and comfy

Aurora – The layer of 2000 micro-springs gives this one extra comfies

What do the numbers mean again?

🤯 There are 5 mattress numbers. – 4, 6, 7, 8, 9 and 10. The higher the number, the firmer it gets. 10 is very firm. This variation in mattress feel has been created in order to make sure everyone gets the best match possible.

How do I choose a mattress for two people?

🧐 You should never go softer than your weight range. If there are two people, and one is heavier than the other, get the mattress for the heavier person..

The Aurora will most likely be the best fit for this situation as it has more cushioning on top. That means, support for the heavier person, and a cushy top for the lighter person. Confused? give us a call! 8999 3333

What if your advice doesn’t work and I end up with a mattress that is too soft/too firm?

😇 We can change the number after delivery. For example, Sarah is 60 kgs. Our guide tells her to buy a Soft (4), She buys a sienna 4.

We deliver it and she tries it for ten days.

After ten days, she decides she wants it to be firmer.

To change the Soft (4) to the Medium (6), we would simply send our mattress technician with a layer of Latex. They would go to your house and change the latex. Now it’s a Medium (6)!

Sarah lives in Ryde, (18kms away from our factory in Marrickville) This process cost her $36 in Total. That’s $2 per km.

Ok, exactly how does this work?

The mattress unzips and we can change the springs, and the foam to adjust to your personal preferences. This service is $2 per km from Marrickville

Click here to see the process of adjusting the mattress after it’s been delivered

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*Sometimes deliveries are full in which case you will be unable to choose that delivery day at checkout

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