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Our Adjustable Mattresses

Ausbeds has 3 mattress types each using our unique adjustable layering system to provide a tailored comfort level for any body.

  • Our Entry level mattress

    Cooper Polyfoam

    Queen mattress

  • Premium, Natural Materials

    Aurora Latex Popular

    Queen mattress

  • Like the Aurora, with extra “Cloud”

    Cloud Latex New

    Queen mattress

    Cooper foam

    This is the most common foam. It is everywhere, your lounge, car seats, 95% of mattresses are made of this stuff because of its low cost to produce. If a mattress company is trying to tell you about its amazing new foam tech – it’s just polyfoam.

    Aurora latex

    Latex is from a tree. It is much more difficult to harvest. The other two foams aren’t harvested as they are plastic products. This is why latex demands a higher price. Latex lasts 4 times longer and feels lovely to sleep on, and it’s good for the planet. We are big fans here.

    Cloud Latex

    The New “Cloud” is exactly the same as the Aurora. The only difference is, we’ve put twice as many micro springs. Why is this better? It’s not! We just find some people like it more. To find out if you like the Aurora or Cloud more, come to our showroom and compare them!

    Australian Made
    Designed and Manufactured in Sydney
    Try 100 Nights
    Pick-up and refund if you’re not happy
    100% Guarantee
    Adjust it until it’s comfortable
    Eco Friendly
    Layers are replaceable so it lasts longer!

    How to find your perfect mattress

    With our clever adjustable layers and pocket springs we’ve done all the hard work. All you need to do is simply consider these questions and to find your perfect fit.
    Who is it for?
    You, You & Partner, Kids or Guests
    Mattress Size?
    Single, King Single, Double, Queen or King
    Sleep Position?
    Side, Back or Stomach
    We can adjust the mattress to suit both sleepers
    Mattress Firmness?
    Super Soft, Medium, Firmer or Super Firm
    Budget (Cooper), Mid-Range (Sienna) or High End (Aurora)

    How we make our mattress and why it’s better for you and the environment

    Adjustable Layers

    It is a delicate balancing act between spring tension, foam density, quilting materials, and your personal preferences. If any of these are off-balance, you will have a sub-optimal alignment while you sleep. We are constantly improving and adjusting the balance. The result is a modular design with adjustable layers.

    Less Plastic

    Most mattresses are made of plastic – plastic fabric, foam, cooling gel. Our top selling mattress (Aurora) is made with Springs and Natural Latex. We have a cheaper options that use much smaller layers of plastic. All the layers in our mattress are replaceable, so if, after many years it becomes warn simply replace the layer. No need to send the mattress to landfill.

    Adjusting your mattress

    It’s simple adjusting the firmness of your mattress. You unzip the top and swap the interior layers to make it firmer or softer, and you can even change the springs.

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