Really Simple Returns

Our guarantees are only possible due to the quality build of our mattresses

100 Day Comfort Guarantee

We are so confident that you’ll be satisfied in the comfort of our mattresses, that if it isn’t right for you in the first 100 days - we’ll simply take it back. Doesn’t feel right? Just swap it for a firmer or softer one. Our goal is your personal satisfaction.   

Our mattress are full size, so we charge a transport fee of $90 for any warranty pickups, full conditions are at the bottom of the page.

Partial Refunds For Up To 10 Years On The Build Quality

We know our mattresses are rated at the highest build quality possible, and as a testament to their superior build we provide partial refunds for up to 10 years on their build quality. 

Our Incredible 10 Year Guarantee

Our guarantees are only possible due to the quality build of our mattresses

Day 0 - Day 100

Doesn't feel right? Simple, Just exchange it for a different softer/firmer one.

Want a refund?: Your mattress will be picked up within 7 days, and refund will occur within 24 hours of picking up your mattress. Simple.

Day 100 - 2 years

If it fails in this time, we’ll give you a new mattress of the same model only.  Please check mattress failure description in the conditions at the bottom of the page.

What Happens After 2 years?

If the mattress has failed, You're still generously covered for the amount of time you have used the mattress.  Check out our incredible 10 year guarantee on build quality below:

The Cooper Mattress (5 year)

3 years after purchase = 40% refund
4 years after purchase = 20% refund

The Sienna Mattress (10 year)

3 years after purchase = 70% refund
4 years after purchase = 60% refund
5 years after purchase = 50% refund
6 years after purchase = 40% refund
7 years after purchase = 30% refund
8 years after purchase = 20% refund
9 years after purchase = 10% refund


The Small Print

  • General Conditions

    1. Warranty is only valid to the original mattress purchaser
    2.  Bed bases are not included in the comfort guarantee.
    3.  100 day Comfort Guarantee only applies to full price purchases.
    4.  Mattress protector must be used for any comfort guarantee exchanges. Mattresses that are soiled will not be picked up to due to health and safety requirements.
  • Transport Related Conditions

    1. If you are outside of 15km of Marrickville, there will be a $2 per km extra charge for transport costs (from the marrickville factory).
    2. If you cannot help the driver with the mattress, there will be another charge of $50 for us to arrange two men to pick up the mattress. (Service not available outside of 15km range).
    3. If you have moved and now live further than 15km of the marrickville factory, there will be a $2 per km extra charge for transport cost.
    4. If you have moved further than 100km from the Marrickville factory outside of Sydney, you will need to arrange your own transport 
  • Customer Responsibilties

    1.  The mattress may only be swapped once, and if you are still dissatisfied with the second mattress we will happily refund your money.
    2.  100 Day Comfort Guarantee period does not restart if you decide to try another mattress.
    3.  We require that you use the mattress for two weeks for your body to adapt and contour to your body.
  • Definition of Mattress failure

    Mattress failure refers to the physical state of the mattress. It does not refer to the customer's opinion of whether or not the mattress has failed for them.

    Dipping Mattress
    This is when the cell walls in the foam collapse to a point that the mattress changes shape. A refund from Mattress failure will not occur unless there is a dip/sag in the top of the mattress of 20mm or more.

    Spring issues
    Springs that break through the material or broken springs inside the mattress.

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