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We make 3 Mattresses
with 3 prices

What if it’s not right?
We’ll adjust it in your home.
Still not happy? You get a refund.

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Every layer is changeable & replaceable

This allows us to change any component without taking the mattress out of your bedroom.

Our 3 Mattresses

  • Our Entry level mattress

    Cooper Polyfoam

    From $850

  • Premium, Natural Materials

    Aurora Latex Popular

    From $1,700

  • Like the Aurora, with extra “Cloud”

    Cloud Latex New

    From $1,950

    Cooper foam

    This is the most common foam. It is everywhere, your lounge, car seats, 95% of mattresses are made of this stuff because of its low cost to produce. If a mattress company is trying to tell you about its amazing new foam tech – it’s just polyfoam.

    Aurora latex

    Latex is from a tree. It is much more difficult to harvest. The other two foams aren’t harvested as they are plastic products. This is why latex demands a higher price. Latex lasts 4 times longer and feels lovely to sleep on, and it’s good for the planet. We are big fans here.

    Cloud Latex

    The New “Cloud” is exactly the same as the Aurora. The only difference is, we’ve put twice as many micro springs. Why is this better? It’s not! We just find some people like it more. To find out if you like the Aurora or Cloud more, come to our showroom and compare them!

    Australian Made
    Designed and Manufactured in Sydney
    Try 100 Nights
    Pick-up and refund if you’re not happy
    100% Guarantee
    Adjust it until it’s comfortable
    Eco Friendly
    Layers are replaceable so it lasts longer!

    The Ausbeds Journey: From Kitchen to Comfort

    “From chef to mattress guru: How culinary principles crafted Ausbeds’ perfect sleep. Discover Karl’s journey.”

    Karl’s Journey

    Transition to Mattresses

    Before diving into the world of mattresses, I spent a decade in the high-stress environment of a kitchen. When I transitioned to the mattress industry and founded Ausbeds, I encountered two major challenges. People would call and ask to make the mattress firmer, or softer. The foam would soften.

    Mise en Place Philosophy

    Drawing from my culinary background, I was reminded of the principle of “mise en place” – French for “everything in its place”. I realised I needed a similar philosophy for mattresses. I needed to prep all of my mattress ingredients ready to execute for my customers’ comfort needs as soon as they need it.

    Ausbeds Mission

    This led to the birth of the Ausbeds mattress system. My mission? To as quickly and elegantly as possible help you reach your sleep comfort goals. When I was a chef I wouldn’t let you wait more than 20 mins for a great meal, and now I won’t keep you waiting a second longer than you need to for a great sleep.

    Karl van Lieshout, owner of ausbeds

    the owner of ausbeds

    Our 100% Comfort Guarantee

    No risk, try it for 100 days, we make free adjustments until you’re happy.

    Tried it for 100 days? Not happy?

    We’ll pick it up and give you a refund

    Q. How does it work exactly?
    • If you aren’t happy with our mattress, one of our drivers (not a courier) will pick it up within a week. (within Sydney, 2 weeks for outside Sydney).
    • We do not ask for you to arrange a charity for collection as many companies do. We think it takes too long.
    Q. – Ok, Whats the catch:
    A. – We have some fees, It’s the same wherever you are in Australia. You’ll need to re-pay the original delivery fee to get it back to us + $90 refund charge.







    Live within 15kms of Marrickville, Sydney?

    Order before 2pm today and we’ll deliver it tomorrow (we don’t deliver weekends!). Need it today? Call and ask us. We might be able to do that for you.
    Q. How much is delivery?

    A. Here are the Delivery Costs:

    • Within 15km: Free delivery in Sydney.
    • Assistance Needed: If only one person delivers, you’ll help with lifting. For those who can’t lift 60kg, have stairs, or physical challenges, we recommend two-person delivery (within 15km only) for an additional $50.
    • 15-100km: $2 per km (e.g., 20km = $40).
    • Over 100km: Starting at $190. e.g. Melbourne $190, Brisbane $190.
    • Two-Person Delivery: Available within 15km of Marrickville for an additional $50.

    By far, Australias most adjustable mattress

    Completely change the feel, at home, in 5 mins.