Aussie mattresses
adjusted to you anytime

We’ve made it easy to adjust the softness by simply unzipping and changing the layers around.

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Fixed price

Everyone pays the same. No need to negotiate, or worry about if it’s really a 50% off sale.
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Adjust after delivery?

There’s no risk if you get it wrong, the mattresses can be adjusted up to 14 different feels.
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Hassle free returns

We (not a courier) will pick it up and refund you within 7 days.
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100% Aussie made

We manufacture everything on-site right here in Marrickville Sydney.

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Customer reviews 4.9 from 220+ reviews

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4.9 from 650+ reviews – 2021 best mattress award

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Top 3 Mattress Businesses in Sydney

Aussie, Eco-friendly,
fully adjustable mattresses

Our Australian made mattresses are 100% hand-sewn, assembled and delivered directly from our Sydney mattress store.

Visit our Sydney showroom

136 Victoria rd, Marrickville, Sydney
Come jump on our mattresses, unzip them, swap the interior layers,
make it firmer/softer, change the springs. Come and play to get the best fit for you.
Come to the mattress shop in Sydney or buy a mattress online!

Live within 15kms of Marrickville, Sydney?







The ausbeds difference

Our DifferenceAusbeds FactoryMattress in a box (spring)Retail store mattressMattress in a box (foam)
Our Difference: Test first in showroom
Ausbeds Factory: Yes
Mattress in a box (spring): No
Retail store mattress: Yes
Mattress in a box (foam): No
Our Difference: Replace any mattress part
Ausbeds Factory: Yes
Mattress in a box (spring): No
Retail store mattress: No
Mattress in a box (foam): No
Our Difference: How many pocket springs
More springs means more comfort
Ausbeds Factory: 1160
Mattress in a box (spring): 870
Retail store mattress: 870
Mattress in a box (foam): 0
Our Difference: Real latex
The pure stuff, made from tree sap
Ausbeds Factory: Yes
Mattress in a box (spring): No
Retail store mattress: No
Mattress in a box (foam): No
Our Difference: Adjust springs to bodyweight
Different bodyweights require different springs
Ausbeds Factory: Yes
Mattress in a box (spring): No
Retail store mattress: No
Mattress in a box (foam): No
Our Difference: Edge support
Edge wire plus edge spring
Ausbeds Factory: Edge wire plus edge spring
Mattress in a box (spring): edge spring
Retail store mattress: edge wire plus edge spring
Mattress in a box (foam): No
Ausbeds Factory: Learn more

Awesome Reviews

  • Highly recommended

    Lyn B. – Sienna 7
    Bought a sienna 7 mattress from ausbeds. It’s so comfortable, and the construction is different to anything else.
  • Great comfort and quality

    Allan F. – Aurora 8
    The ability to swap the internal layers means I am also able to make adjustments if/when necessary if my comfort needs change in future.
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  • Day 3 and I’m already super comfortable

    Tess N. Aurora 8
    Seamless smooth delivery with two friendly knowledgeable guys who didn’t just dump the mattress and leave.
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  • Quality of sleep beyond our wildest dreams

    Andre b. – Aurora 9

    Karl personally provided excellent service, advice, and he explained the ability to adjust the firmness of all the models. We tested soft/medium/firm Auroras and purchased the Aurora King 9 with absolutely no hesitation and delivery happened within 2 days.

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  • Good stuff ausbeds!

    Andrew – Aurora 8

    The service by Courtney was awesome, haven’t been to a retail shop in years with such good service.

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  • Best night sleep in years.

    Kir – Aurora 7

    I was super impressed with all of the service, from the front desk & information about all the different combinations of mattresses to delivery. Amazed that it was delivered and installed within 2 hours of payment.

    reviews from productreview

    Ausbeds Australian Story

    We built a mattress system that allow you to optimise your sleep right down to the spring system. You can swap and adjust ALL of our components until you are getting the sleep you are looking for.

    It’s what’s goes on inside a mattress that really matters

    We make them

    You’ll probably see us making them at the mattress store

    We deliver them

    When you buy from us you get a mattress delivered by us, not a courier. That means nothing goes wrong, we deliver on time every-time.

    They are affordable

    We can reduce costs, without reducing quality

    Locally made

    We have a mattress outlet in Marrickville. So come to the  mattress store or buy a mattress online.


    What if it dips?

    Call us! We have literally built the ausbeds factory around this question!

    We just replace the part that’s causing an issue! Sometimes a part needs replacing, sometimes we need to adjust the spring tension as dipping can also be caused by incorrect spring tension to body type.

    Another reason for dipping can be flexible slats. But don’t worry, whatever the problem, we’ll find it and fix it. We have a factory for that, and we have built the mattress to be completely modular so we can replace/adjust any part including the spring system.

    How long is it going to take?
    Super quick, If you live within 15kms we deliver next day for orders placed before 2pm. If you really want it today, just call and we’ll try and do it today. If you live further than 15kms we may be able to do next day however you’ll need to call and check 🙂
    I heard firm mattresses are better for my back, is it true?

    No! If somebody said to you “I heard big shirts will fit me better” You’d say they were crazy. That’s how we feel about firm mattresses. The mattress you buy should fit you well; if it feels firm, it’s too firm. It should feel just right! It’s always better to come and try them at our showroom, however, our weight guide on this website will make sure you stay within a suitable range. 

    From the founder/owner

    Hi, I’m Karl, I was someone who was curious about all of the common mattress issues. I pulled the mattress apart & rebuilt it focusing on and questioning each layer and component.

    I got rid of the gimmicks and discovered the root cause of every mattress issue.

    What I found was that there was only one way to solve all of these mattress issues.

    And that was having multiple types of springs and foams to be able to swap in and out of the mattress after delivery.

    As a result, when you receive an ausbeds mattress, you are receiving access to a wealth of mattress knowledge and mattress adjustability from the team and I at the ausbeds factory in Marrickville. 

    Ausbeds Factory/Showroom

    136 Victoria rd, Marrickville
    Sydney phone 02 8999 3333

    Factory Open To The Public

    Mon-Fri 10am - 5pm
    Sat-10am - 1pm