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Outside Sydney Mattress Delivery: Melbourne, Brisbane, and More

At Ausbeds, we aim to make your mattress delivery as seamless and convenient as possible, no matter where you are located. Below, you’ll find all the details about our delivery process for locations outside Sydney. Use the accordion to navigate through specific sections.

  • Who is this for?

    This information is for residents outside the 100km radius from our factory at 136 Victoria Rd, Marrickville, including Melbourne, Canberra, Brisbane, and locations along the route between these cities.

  • Delivery Schedule
    • Frequency: We deliver to Melbourne, Canberra, and Brisbane every week or two.
    • Route Deliveries: We also deliver to locations along the route between these major cities.
  • Delivery Costs
    • Brisbane:  Delivery in Brisbane is $190 plus $2 per km from queen st mall on the shortest route on google maps. If your delivery address is less than 15kms from Queen St Mall in Brisbane, delivery is 190$
    • Melbourne:  Delivery in Melbourne is $190 plus $2 per km from Docklands on the shortest route on google maps. If your delivery address is less than 15kms from Docklands in Melbourne, delivery is 190$
    • If you live roughly on the route between Sydney and Melbourne or Sydney and Brisbane, We can probably delivery to you.
  • How to Arrange Delivery
    • Call Us: Reach us at 02 8999 3333 to arrange delivery over the phone.
    • Text Us: Send a message to 0450 606 589 with your mattress choice and address. We’ll call back to finalize the arrangements.
  • Important Notes
    • Refunds or Swaps: Refund cost is the delivery fee you paid, plus a $90 refund fee.
    • Courier Services: While we trust couriers 
  • Refund Process Example

    Example Case: Julia wants a refund for her Aurora queen mattress, She lives in Highgate hill in Brisbane. 

    1. Julia calls us to request a refund.
    2. We inform her of the $190 fee to bring the mattress back and arrange the pickup.
    3. We also inform her that she lives within 15kms of Queen street mall, so she will not have to pay the additional $2 per km rate.
    4. Once the mattress is returned to Sydney, we refund the Aurora queen price ($2450) minus the delivery fee ($190) and the refund fee of $90. The refund amount would be $2170.

FAQs on Mattress Delivery Outside Sydney

What areas do you cover for mattress delivery outside Sydney?

We cover areas including Melbourne, Brisbane, Canberra, and locations along the routes between these cities.

How often do you deliver mattresses to Melbourne and Brisbane?

We deliver to Melbourne and Brisbane every week or two. Contact us to schedule your delivery.

What are the delivery costs for areas outside Sydney?

Delivery to Melbourne and Brisbane costs approximately $190. There are additional delivery fees further than 15kms from central areas. This is charged at $2 per km. Contact us for quotes to other locations.

How do I arrange a mattress delivery to Melbourne or Brisbane?

You can call us at 02 8999 3333 or text us at 0450 606 589 with your mattress choice and address to arrange delivery.

What should I do if my mattress is damaged during delivery?

If any damage occurs during transport, we will cover the cost of the damaged part but not the transportation. Contact us immediately for assistance.