Premium quality king size mattresses

Ausbeds king mattresses on sale come with removable covers that have been handmade in Marrickville. We sew high quality Japanese Ykk zips into the cover so that any firmness adjustments can be made at any time. We also sew the pocket springs into a protective corner so that they can be easily swapped out should you need to adjust the spring firmness.

Help us choose the perfect mattress for you

What to check before you buy your new king mattress: 

Ensure that you have the correct bed base

If you already have a base and looking to purchase an ausbeds mattress, please ensure that the base or sleeper doesn’t have a lip extending up the side of the mattress. If it does, give us a call as we may need to double check the dimensions to ensure that your new mattress fits perfectly. Some of these models of bases can be tricky as a slightly smaller base will make it difficult to make your bed, particularly with a queen or king.

Reinforced springs for extra comfort and durability

All our king size mattresses in Australia at ausbeds contain 1160 pocket springs which have been nested into each other in a honeycomb pattern. This pattern ensures that your body will be supported properly. When you increase the spring count of a pocket spring system in a bed mattress you can reduce the stiffness of each spring while increasing point elasticity. High point elasticity decreases pressure points by allowing the points of your shoulders, and hips to sink in while still holding the larger areas of your torso, and legs up higher for a comforting night’s sleep.

King mattress prices

King Ausbeds mattress sizes

King mattress firmnesses

Here is a breakdown of ausbeds 3 main mattresses. Traditional feel (Cooper essential), Memory foam feel (Sienna Memory), and Latex (Aurora latex). Each of these mattress models follows the same ausbed system for firmness variations. There are many more variations available in the showroom, and we can easily swap components such as foam mattress layers, in and out of the mattress after delivery. 

Standard king size mattress

Ausbeds king size mattress come in the Australian standard size of 183cm x 203cm and they will fit all Australian standard king size bases. We also sell ausbeds in single mattresses, king single beds, double mattresses, and queen mattresses to fit the needs of every sleep space.

King mattress heights and upgrades

Ausbeds mattress heights and dimensions vary between models. The Cooper mattress height is 28cm, while the Sienna, and Aurora mattress height is 32cm. The sienna and aurora can be interchanged as they both have the same height. This means, if you buy a sienna and within 3 months you want to change it to an aurora, just pay the difference and we will change it over to give you the ideal king sized bed.

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