Wider and longer: Queen mattress sizes for the luxurious sleeper

Each of ausbeds double size mattresses have a removable cover with a ykk zipper. They are also australian standard size and for Australian standard size bed bases.

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Help us choose the perfect mattress for you

What to consider before buying the best queen mattress size for your home: 

Consider the correct bed base

Before you purchase an ausbeds queen mattress please check your base. If the base has a lip on it that extends up the side of the mattress, you should double-check the size of the base. Occasionally we find that some older style bed frames don’t leave much room to tuck the sheets into the sides of the mattresses. If you are confused about this please call us as we will be more than happy to guide you through this.

Durable springs for a better night’s sleep

Ausbeds queen size mattresses contain 986 honeycomb nested pocket springs. When comparing how many pocket springs it is standard practice to display the king amount. For example, a king-size mattress pocket springs contain 1160 springs. So use the 1160 count when comparing as this is the number all bed mattress sellers use. This is because it is easier to display the king-size number rather than all of the sizes.  

Affordable queen mattress prices

Here are our price differences for all ausbed queen size mattresses:

Firmnessess of our queen mattresses by ausbed

Our queen mattresses come in 3 main categories of firmness. Traditional feel (Cooper essential), Memory foam feel (Sienna Memory), and Latex (Aurora latex). Each of these models has 6 firmness variations which total 18 variations of the queen sized mattress. We have even more possibilities than the 18 variations when you ask us to adjust the layers. When you buy an ausbeds queen mattress in Australia mattress you also have the ability to change between many of these variations after delivery. 

Our queen mattress size

Ausbeds queen size mattress come in the standard size of 153cm x 203cm and they will fit all Australian standard queen size bases and sleepers. We sell ausbeds in every bed size: single, king single, double mattresses, and king sized beds.

Mattress height and upgrade 

Ausbeds’ queen mattress dimensions vary between models. The Cooper mattress height is 28cm, while the Sienna, and Aurora mattress height is 32cm. The sienna and aurora can be interchanged as they both have the same height. This means, if you buy a sienna, and within 3 months you want to change it to an aurora you can just pay the difference and we will change it over.

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