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How Do I Know If the Warranty Will Work When I Need It To?

Karl here, owner of Ausbeds. When you invest in a mattress, it’s crucial to know that your warranty will effectively protect you. At Ausbeds, we offer a pro-rata refund policy designed to provide peace of mind and address any issues efficiently. Our materials are of the highest quality, and our factory is equipped to handle any potential problems. Below, I explain the common reasons for mattress sagging and how our warranty can help. Rest assured, I personally handle any warranty issues to ensure your satisfaction.

Pro-Rata Refund as a Remedy

Our warranty offers a pro-rata refund rather than a repair. For instance, if there’s a sag greater than 20mm (i.e., a failure) in the mattress at year 6, the warranty entitles you to a 40% discount on the layer. I’ve priced each component much cheaper than the combined price of the whole mattress because I want to provide a cost-effective way to solve these problems and give you peace of mind. So for example, If you had a Queen Aurora, and at year 5 the mattress sags, the maximum you would pay is 50% of the cost of the new layer of latex. Latex costs $550 so the maximum you would pay to replace the latex foam in the case of sagging latex foam would be $275. If the piece was deemed to be defective, you would not need to pay.

Confidence in Our Materials

I’ve never had to replace a piece of latex because it has never shown any signs of degradation. I’m so confident that the latex won’t sag that I am willing to provide a new piece should it sag more than 20mm. Every mattress will eventually sag; it’s just a matter of how long it will take. At Ausbeds, I’ve built the factory to address this exact problem—every part of the mattress is replaceable. My goal is to provide 10 years of comfort with a mattress costing a few thousand dollars.

Common Reasons for Mattress Sagging

  • Improper Frame Support

    Often, sagging is caused by the frame. Flexible slats can cause the mattress to sag 2-6 times faster. I recommend a concrete slab as the best bed base. Rigid timber slats are necessary to prevent sagging.

  • Incorrect Body Weight for the Mattress

    If someone weighs 100kg and buys a mattress rated for 65-90kg, it will sag. This is similar to using the suspension of a small car on a truck; the suspension will bottom out. Choosing the right springs for your body weight is essential.

  • Extended Sitting on the Mattress (Rare)

    Sitting on the mattress for extended periods can concentrate all the body weight in one section, leading to sagging. This is rare but can happen if the mattress is used for sitting instead of sleeping.

  • High Body Weights

    The higher the body weight, the faster the mattress sags. My prorated warranty for parts allows me to address these issues cost-effectively.

Practical Warranty Application

The idea behind the warranty is to avoid constantly replacing parts for people who aren’t following basic guidelines. When these guidelines are followed, issues are rare. If there is an issue, we identify the part that needs replacement. For example, if the springs need replacing (which rarely happens), and the springs cost $500 to replace, and you’ve had the mattress for 5 years, we replace the springs, and you only pay $250. That’s how the prorated warranty works.

Ensuring Customer Satisfaction

  • Nothing goes wrong when the guidelines are followed.
  • I haven’t had a bad review for 6 years; they have all been 4 or 5 stars.
  • If I slighted anyone, they would have written about it.
  • I look after my customers, and I’m a reasonable person.
  • I personally deal with any of these issues.