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Affordable Polyfoam Mattress Comfort Layers

Our Cooper contains 5cm of Joyce brand high-density polyfoam in the mattress. Many mattresses use 10cm of foam on top of firmer pocket springs. We have found this to cause premature dipping in the mattress. Using our super comfy 1160 pocket springs we are able to use less foam, which helps promote a cooler sleep. We transfer our body heat to the foam while we sleep. Less foam equals less chance for the mattress to heat up, for an overall cooler polyfoam mattress.

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What is Polyurethane (Polyfoam) as a Mattress Comfort Layer?

Polyfoam is the most commonly used foam for 90% of mattresses; it is also used as filling for other furniture such as sofas, chairs, etc. The reason for this is that it is not as expensive as other higher-quality comfort layers such as natural latex, and polyfoam is also easier to attain. This also makes polyfoam mattress prices more accessible to the everyday Australian.

At Ausbeds, we use a very high grade of polyfoam which means high quality. It also means that it will feel better and last longer than some of the lower grade polyfoams. 

We are always honest here at Ausbeds and let our customers know that the first thing to ever fail in a mattress will be the foam. However, we like to look at foam like a tyre on a car. The more a tyre is used the quicker it will wear down. For example, if you sit in bed in the evening to read or sit on the edge of your bed to put on your shoes every morning, then your foam might not last as long as someone who doesn’t spend as much time on the mattress. But you wouldn’t throw out the whole car, just the tyre – or in this case the foam.

The Cooper – Our Polyfoam Mattress

Polyfoam is used in our Cooper mattress. We usually refer to our Cooper as a really good starter mattress, guest bed, or a great quality mattress for those on a budget. You can easily purchase the foam individually from us to replace and refresh your mattress in say 5 years’ time if you want your polyfoam mattress comfort layer to feel brand new again. This is a really simple process for us due to the zipper feature on all of our mattresses

What each grade of polyfoam means

Polyfoam comes in 3 basic grades and besides the issues of long-term durability, the lower grades of the foam don’t spring back as well (they are less resilient) than the higher grades. 

  • Grade 1. Regular polyfoam
  • Grade 2. High-Density polyfoam (HD)
  • Grade 3. High Resiliency polyfoam

All 3 grades of polyfoam can be made in “softer” or “firmer” versions, so “softness” or “firmness” is not an indicator of the quality of the foam. The grade and quality of polyfoam are measured by its density or weight per cubic foot and by how supportive it is. You can buy our Cooper polyfoam mattress in any size, along with our universal base to get your bed sorted.

Our polyfoam mattresses may not be for everyone. If you prize pressure relief, our “Sienna” hybrid mattress made with natural latex foam might suit you better. 

Struggling to find the right mattress for your sleeper style and firmness? You can contact us, and we can talk you through the process.