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Memory foam mattresses – What we’ve found

You should take this information, and all other mattress information you find on the internet with a grain of salt. This information is just some opinions we’ve formed over the last 12 years of designing and making mattresses. We don’t claim to know everything.

Memory foam, just like all mattress materials, has pros and cons. Understanding these pros and cons will help you to make the right decision for a mattress that meets your preference for firmness level and sleeping style. There’s no right or wrong here, only things we have observed in our time making mattresses. This information is just some things we have noticed about different materials.

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Buying the best mattress for your preference

Here is our guide on memory foam mattresses, and/or memory comfort layers as part of a spring mattress. 

What does a Memory Foam Mattress feel like?

Instead of telling you what we think memory foam feels like, we’ll tell you what our customers who buy memory foam mattresses have said to us.

  • “It feels like it’s moulding to my body”
  • “It feels like when I lay on the mattress, I melt into it”

The Pros

What we like about memory foam:

We’re always testing, to create the best memory foam mattress in Australia, at Ausbeds. We can do this easily due to the modular construction of the mattress.

We’ve found that memory foam mattresses definitely have less partner disturbance or motion transfer than other mattress materials. As a comfort layer, its softer, open-cell structure relieves pressure. This means that it’s a great option for stomach sleepers and side sleepers, with gentle support and contouring for your hip and shoulders. If you wake up really easily, our Sienna mattress will be your best pick as it contains 5cm of very high-density memory foam in the top layer.

The Cons

There’s no doubt about it, memory foam sleeps hotter than the other materials. This won’t affect you if you don’t typically have a heat problem, but it’s not the best effect for hot sleepers.

We’ve also found that memory foam layers lose resilience much faster than latex.

We’ve built our mattresses with memory foam from the ground up to account for these things happening so foam degradation is not an issue. The foams we use are from Australia’s best foam maker “Joyce Foams” and we use the highest grades. Our memory foam is 60kg m3, and the polyfoam minimum is 30kg m3. Memory foam also doesn’t have the same springy edge support as spring mattresses, which means it’s not the best mattress to sit on the side of, to put on your shoes.

Memory foam layers deteriorate – here’s how we ‘fix’ that

We just make sure they are replaceable. We list our replacement layers on our website should you need a new layer. We like to think of mattress layers like car tyres. Some people will use car tyres until they’re completely bald, others will want to keep them brand new and everything in-between. With Ausbeds you can replace the foam whenever you want, cheaply! To be honest we don’t know why every mattress place doesn’t do it like this. Dipping memory mattress? Replace just the layer, and you’re sorted! You won’t even need a mattress topper. 

We do not profit from these layers and you need to be a prior customer with an Ausbeds mattress in order to purchase replacement layers.

Question: Are other brands going to have Memory Foam that doesn’t dip?

What many people don’t understand about the mattress industry is that all factories have access to the same materials. So you shouldn’t judge a mattress by its brand name. Always judge a mattress by the density of the materials.

  • Normal foam – Minimum 30kg m3
  • Latex – Make sure it’s natural and it will be the most durable foam on the planet
  • Memory foam – Minimum 50kg m3, we use 60kg m3 as it’s the highest density we can get without the foam getting uncomfortable.

Of course, there is always more to the story. If the spring tension is too low for your body weight there is no way to stop the mattress from dipping. Correct spring tension for body weight is the most important factor for “getting the mattress right.” Along with firmness options, you can buy our memory mattresses online in all sizes: single, king single, double, queen size and king. We also sell our universally fitting base, which you can use in setting up your own memory foam bed.

Ask us or visit our showroom if you have any more questions about getting the right mattress for your bed, and we’ll help get you sorted.