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Honeycomb Foam Mattress

Named for their hexagonal shape, honeycomb foam mattresses and comforting layers look a lot like honeycomb. While they might not taste as sweet, the pressure relief and thus reduced stress as the isolated shapes collapse under your head, shoulders and hips definitely is. These mattresses are great for side and stomach sleepers!

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Buy a honeycomb foam mattress if you want pressure relief

Honeycomb foam’s hexagons have a certain threshold of weight before they collapse. It’s firm on the top surface, and softer where the hexagons go under, which makes for great cradling for injured limbs. As a result, the best honeycomb foam mattresses are also used in hospitals to help give recovering patients a great night’s sleep. 

As a Mattress

In thicker layers, the foam makes a durable firmer mattress. Ausbeds can help connect you with the best honeycomb foam mattress for your sleeping preference. Pair your mattress in the size of your choosing with a matching base to complete your bed. 

As a Comfort Layer

Also known as buckling column gel, layers of honeycomb foam can also appear within a latex, memory foam or spring mattress for added comfort. 

Honeycomb Foam and Springs

Honeycomb springs are also special. In a mattress they have 30% more springs, making for an even cushier surface and extra springiness beneath a layer of honeycomb foam. 

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