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Mattress Sales, and why we don’t have them

Why don’t we have mattress sales?
Because we are confident in our quality and our prices.
You’ll never see a big mattress sale banner on our website or in our shop.

We don’t believe in using gimmicky sales tactics. Instead, we prefer to challenge ourselves to bring you the very best materials, and all for under $1000.

You’ve seen them, but we are not like the mattress shops with a permanent 50% off sale, or the staff that convince you to buy a mattress by giving you $500 off.

Looking for a mattress sale in Sydney? Ausbeds, Sydney offers Sale prices all year long. Our complete range of products i.e. mattresses and bed bases are priced under a $1000. And to sweeten the deal even more we provide free same day delivery on our entire range of products if your order is above $200, the only condition is that the order needs to be placed before 2 p.m. A.E.S.T. How do we offer these sale prices all year long? It’s simple we have cut out the middle men and buy in bulk directly from the factories. Our aim is to provide quality products at low sale prices all year long.

You can access our Sale prices either from the comfort of your home or at our store in Marrickville, Sydney which is a short 20 minute ride from the CBD. No matter how you shop, in- store or online, we guarantee the same level of customer service! We are a small family owned business and thrive on seeing happy customers.

We have a friendly team of sales staff who can answer your questions and help you select the right mattress based on your comfort needs. Our website has a 24/7 Customer Support facility and you are welcome to ask any questions that you may have, we will be more than happy to answer them for you and hope it makes it easier for you to select the right mattress. So no more getting stuck with the wrong mattress!

So get clicking or come in store at Marrickville, Sydney to access our great sale prices on our entire range of Mattresses which includes King, King Single, Queen, Double and Single sizes.

Ensemble or bed base? Don’t be confused

Choosing the right bed can be exhaustive but the most important thing to get right is the mattress. The next thing to choose what you want to sit that mattress on – ensemble or slat?  What are they, and what are the real differences, let us break it down for you.

Ensemble beds are often the go-to choice for those seeking a space efficient modern bed perfect for urban dwellings, such as apartments, units or townhouses where bedroom space is limited. Essentially Ensembles are large flat bases low to the ground just few centimeters from the floor which usually come bundled with a mattress.

They are practical and fuss-free, devoid of the traditional head and foot boards thus being ideal for smaller rooms and physically taking up less space.

For those on a budget, the humble ensemble can help in stretching those dollars a long way as the mattress is better supported and can last longer than a traditional slat bed.Some ensembles can actually be a better option in the long term for those suffering with posture and sleep related issues; with the mattress of ensembles offering greater posture support and more even weight distribution.

On the flip side, if you are one for design and enjoy creating the look of spaces, ensembles may not necessarily be the right choice. Ensembles are designed to look quite minimalist suit a clean modern room. Without the added flourish of contemporary, vintage or classic headboards or bed frames.

Whilst ensembles save space in the room, they also give us storage space underneath the bed that some bed frames offer – so that’s a compromise with considering.  At Ausbeds we offer a sprung ensemble, in our Hudson, which comes in a striking black colour. And a platform ensemble, in the Byron, which comes in classic clean white colour.Slat Beds Traditional Slat beds have definitely stood the test of time to be regarded as the most common form of bed styles people more often than not tend to choose.

In essence they are a frame with wooden slats that that span from side to side and are placed a few centimeters apart (ideally no more than 10cms apart to give the mattress adequate support) resting on a centre beam.With different frames, legs and bedheads, slat beds offer a wider range of looks and styles. They usually sit a little higher than ensemble beds thus offering ample storage opportunity under the bed in most cases.

If under-bed storage is important, then a high clearance slat bed or a bed frame with built-in storage drawers might be for you.Slat beds are also easy to dismantle and transport which can be a useful for those who move houses frequently. But dismantling and rebuilding slat beds over and over, may shorten their life.  When considering a Slat bed, it’s important to get one that that is built to high quality standards so as cheaply made slat beds become rickety and creaky over time.

Generally expect that you going to have to invest a bit more into a high quality slat bed than a ensemble that will last the same length of time.  Slat beds can be a lot simpler to clean in situations where depending on where you reside, if silverfish and other pests are a problem.  At Ausbeds all our mattress are compatible with bed frames that are build to Australian size standards.

Mattress Types Explained

Buying a comprehensive health insurance policy or purchasing a good quality mattress; there would only be a discerning few who might not see the similarities between the two. After all, both really are investments to ensure a happy and healthy present and future. So whilst shopping around to buy a new mattress might seem deceptively easy; it seldom is! With so many types and choices available now, you might be forgiven to think it takes a mattress expert to get it right! Well use the below very handy guide and ensure you get your mattress right!

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