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Durable Latex Mattress Support & Comfort Layers

Latex has 2 properties that have convinced us that it reigns supreme in the world of mattress materials.

  1. It’s durability
  2. It’s flexibility

Of the three types of mattress comfort materials, we rate latex to be the best overall. No mattress material will be for everyone, however latex ticks a lot of boxes. In order to make sure our latex is real, we import our own latex for our latex mattresses in Sydney, from Malaysia’s rubber trees – one of the world’s biggest and best producers of latex.

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Your Guide to Natural Latex for Mattresses

Different Types of Latex

There are a few types of latex, the two main ones are:

  1. Dunlop latex, and 
  2. Talalay latex. 

There are also many blends of latex. 

The latex that you want to stay away from is latex from Chinese manufacturers. This is around 40% tree sap, and 60% plastic, whereas real latex is around 95-97% tree sap. We choose Dunlop as it’s organic latex in its purest form. We think it’s what the highest quality latex feels like, to make the best latex mattresses.

The description we give is from the things that we’ve noticed. If you are interested in doing more research on latex mattresses and comfort layers we highly recommend you check out this link. It’s from a website that we believe has the most balanced information.

The Durability Question

We are often asked, “how long will “x” mattress last?”. We think this is the wrong question as it’s impossible to answer due to the great variance in people’s weight and sleeping habits. 

I like to answer this question like this, “Ausbeds mattresses will last between 7-50 years”. 

Here is a guy cutting open a 51-year-old latex mattress, the foam looks amazing still.  

What will make the mattress dip

  1. Bodyweight, the heavier you are, the more the foam compresses, and the less time it will last.
  2. How you use it, if you read in your bed for hours every night, it will dip faster. This is due to the large amount of pressure that is being applied to a small area on the mattress. 
  3. Moisture, we sweat a cup of water a night. Make sure you evaporate that cup of water back out of the foam before you sleep in it again. Open your windows and make sure your bed coverings are closer to the foot of the bed so the mattress can dry out. From what we have seen, we think that this may be one of the biggest contributors to premature mattress dipping.
  4. Spring tension. If your mattress springs aren’t designed for your body weight you will eventually stretch the top coverings into the springs. This is a difficult concept to visualize. We have learned that spring tension to body weight is the best predictor of whether or not an innerspring mattress will “feel right”.  Having this step right will also contribute to making sure the mattress won’t dip. It’s all a balancing act and if we get something out of balance, we get dips.
  5. Bed Base. Having flexible slats in a bed base can cause even a good mattress to dip or sag prematurely. We offer a universal flat and sturdy mattress base (purchasable only with a mattress), to give every mattress a firm foundation.

How to shop for a durable mattress

If you are looking for durability in your mattress, the questions we believe you should be asking are:

  • “What is the most durable mattress material?”
  • “What can I do to make sure the mattress doesn’t dip?
  • “Why would I care if my mattress dips if AusBeds have cheap and easy replacement layers available at all times”

Is latex right for me?

We sell all of the different types of mattress materials, in all sizes, and while we think latex is the best overall material, we don’t think it’s the best for some people. Natural latex mattresses offer the most comfort and support for stomach, side and combination sleepers. Its open-cell structure is also cooling, making it great for hot sleepers. Unlike a purely spring mattress, the latex mattress concaves gently to let your hips and shoulders sink in.

If you are sensitive to partner disturbance, however, you’re going to have a better time on the “Sienna” memory foam. Memory foam won’t last as long, but our zipper system makes for an easy and cheap replacement of materials. 

We think you should buy the material that best suits you. 

Need more help? Contact our friendly and professional team, and our mattress experts will help you find the right one for your sleeping needs.