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Airy Micro Spring Mattress Comfort Layers

When we first tested micro springs in our mattresses at Ausbeds we didn’t really know what to expect. They have been really a lot better than we could have first imagined. Everyone at Ausbeds has a zippable Ausbeds mattress and in it, everyone has micro springs as a comfort layer. They add a very noticeable floating feeling to the mattress.

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What to expect with your micro spring mattress layers

Micro springs, also known as (HD) high-density pocket springs, are found in the comfort layer support zone of every Ausbeds mattress. 

Usually, we have positives and negatives for different mattress materials. Micro springs do not have any negatives that we are aware of. They add comfort, without adding more material to heat up.

They are extremely durable.

Mattress springs have an average of a 10% reduction in resilience over ten years. We have yet to see any noticeable loss of resilience in any spring unit. 

The “Coil on Coil” Adjustment

We even have staff that use double layers of micro springs in their mattresses. For a small fee extra, it is now possible for our customers to try out this staff invention! With this many springs, the mattress almost resembles a water bed feeling. This effect we often call “coil on coil” as they’re almost always used over an innerspring support core in pocket spring mattresses. 

Micro spring mattress comfort laters are cheaper than high-quality memory foam, latex or HR polyfoam comfort layers, but pricier than low-quality foam.

Adjust Any Mattress

Mattress manufacturers also love the invention of these small micro pocket spring systems to add really high spring counts to the mattresses, however, a higher spring count doesn’t necessarily mean a more comfortable mattress, especially in lieu of quality foam. That is why we offer a service to all Ausbeds owners, to adjust any size mattress to fit the comfort and support that suits your body weight and sleeping style best. 

Want some help or just to learn more? Get in touch with our friendly crew, and we can help answer your questions in the search for your best mattress and bed base.