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How to build your perfect sleep

Sienna Memory Foam Mattress

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The Sienna Memory Mattress

Comes in all feels from soft to firm. The Sienna mattress uses High Density Memory foam on top of honeycomb springs. It is a great choice for people that enjoy the Feel of memory foam. Do you prefer a more “lively” feeling mattress? The Aurora will suit you with it’s Latex and microsprings.

Zip-off cover

Access the entire mattress inside

Our zip-off over gives you access to all of the interior components.  The Sienna can be adjusted between med-soft, medium, and med-firm all from within your home.

5 cm High density Memory foam (60kgm3)

2.5cm High density Polyfoam (35kgm3)

Honeycomb Springs

Non-zoned and optimally arranged

Typical pocket spring sets contain 870 coils. Ours are 1160 pocket springs arranged in a honeycomb formation.  This arrangement prevents the need for firmer coils (zones) under the hips which can be very uncomfortable.

Bottom Cover

Completely removable from the rest of the mattress

This cover can be taken off to expose the whole spring system. This allows ausbeds to be able to change any component of the mattress.

Is it comfy?

Much of ausbeds mattresses’ comfort comes from the springs. Understanding that much of the comfort comes from getting the customer’s body weight adjusted to the spring is key here. And that’s exactly what we do at ausbeds. If it’s not the right spring, we can change the whole spring. It takes 5 mins.

What if it dips?

Like any mattress at ausbeds, all parts are replaceable. If it dips, we’ll easily be able to replace the layer rather than throw the whole thing away. We look at these layers much like a bicycle tire, if it wears out, replace it, no need to throw the whole bike away.

How do you change the mattress?

Each mattress is made up of components, we can easily drive out with the component and change it. This process usually takes no longer than 3 minutes. 

Is it difficult to change the mattress?

It’s really easy! We built the ausbeds factory from the ground up to solve this exact problem.

What if it still doesn’t feel right?

There are 3 firmness options in each mattress, if that doesn’t work, we can drive out and change your mattress to any of our 22 mattresses, or do a refund (refund information page).

How long is the warranty?

0 to 100 days – We can provide as many adjustments as you like in that time. If you still aren’t happy, you can get a refund if you don’t like it 🙂 and we’ll personally pick it up.

100 days to 10 years – You can call our factory anytime, and we will be there to help troubleshoot any issues that may arise, and we can replace any layer at all in the mattress.

Mattress Dimensions


Width – 183cm
Length – 203cm
Depth –  31cm
Weight – 63kgs


Width – 153cm
Length – 203cm
Depth –  31cm
Weight – 54kgs


Width – 137cm
Length – 187cm
Depth –  31cm
Weight – 47kgs

King Single

Width – 107cm
Length – 203cm
Depth –  31cm
Weight – 37kgs


Width – 93cm
Length – 187cm
Depth –  31cm
Weight – 31kgs

Mattress Comparison

Compare features and benefits of our top mattresses to find the perfect one for your needs.

MattressPrice (Queen)Key Features
Cooper Polyfoam

Recommended for budget buyers needing basic comfort.
Affordable, Moderate Durability, Good Motion Isolation.

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Sienna Memory

Excellent for an undisturbed sleep.
Excellent Motion Isolation, Plush Feel, may sleep hot.

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Aurora Latex

For Eco-conscious shoppers needing lasting support.
Eco-friendly, Exceptional Durability, Excellent Motion Isolation, Breathable.

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Component Specs

Top Layer

Tencel Quilting

Second Layer
60kgm3 Memory Foam
1160 Pocket springs (Honeycomb set)
Fully removable for easy alterations

Layers Demonstration

Making the Sienna Mattress firmer or softer

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