Cooper Essential



  • You weigh under 70kgs – get a “6”
  • You weigh under 70-90kgs – get an “8”
  • You weigh over 90kgs – get a “9”

About the Cooper mattress

This is our entry-level mattress. Just like the Sienna and Aurora, it has a modular zip system. You can purchase any “number” Cooper mattress and we can adjust it post-purchase. The main difference is in the comfort layer and the top quilting.

The cooper doesn’t have latex in it. It uses the same top foam as 99% of mattresses on the market. We still use a high-density foam for the comfort layer so there should be no issues with dipping. However, as always with ausbeds, if it dips, we’ll easily be able to replace the layer rather than throw the whole thing away. We look at these layers much like a bicycle tyre, if it wears out, replace it, no need to throw the whole bike away.

Component Specs

Top layer

Tencel quilting

Second layer

5cm Polyfoam (35 kgm3 for the well researched)


1160 Pocket springs (Honeycomb set)


Fully removable for easy alterations


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