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Cloud Latex


Custom-fit to your body weight, our mattresses offer flexibility and innovative comfort adjustments at home.

πŸ›Œ 100-Day Comfort Guarantee: We’re confident in our mattresses. If you’re not satisfied within the first 100 days, we’ll offer a full refund minus $90.

πŸ”„ Easy Returns: Not happy? We pick up with our vehicles and refund you within 3 days in Sydney. Return fees apply.

πŸ”§ Easy Adjustments: Need a different firmness? We’ll arrange a spring swapover or other adjustments to meet your comfort needs.

🚚 Flexible Timing: Order before 2pm for next-day delivery or choose any future date. We work around your schedule!

πŸ“¦ Setup Assistance: We’ll set up the base and take away the packaging. Two-person deliveries available for your convenience.

πŸ“ž Personalized Support: Call 02 8999 3333 or text 0450 606 589 to arrange delivery or ask any questions.

Customer Review

Harry V. – β€œSecond Ausbed purchase, Not our last!”

β€œThe best mattress on the market, very comfortable with adjustable firmness. Great After Sales service. High quality Australian made product, sold factory direct. Try the rest then go to Ausbeds for the best.”

Why Latex?

We’ve been taking apart peoples old mattresses for years, and it’s the same story every time. The springs are fine. The plastic foam sags, the Natural Latex foam doesn’t sag.

Despite all of the marketing, you really have only two options when buying a mattress. Your are sleeping on either Natural Latex foam, or you are sleeping on plastic foam.

Hang on, aren’t your other mattresses plastic foam then?

Yes, the Cooper uses plastic foam above the springs. 99% of mattresses sold use plastic foam.

  • Plastic foam costs less upfront
  • Your last mattress probably sagged because it used plastic foam.Β 
  • With all AUSBEDS mattresses you’ll be able to replace any layer, anytime.

This is due to The Zipper System.

The zipper system

The zipper system allows you to change any component of the mattress.

Need a new cover? no problem, want a firmer/softer spring? EASY

What are micro springs for?

Short answer – Micro springs are comfier.

Q. How do you know?

A. Well, We blind tested people in the showroom and we didn’t tell them which mattress had micro springs, and which had he standard foam.

The results, the micro springs were the overwhelming winner. Everyone liked them better. So now we use them.

Try for 100 Nights

Full refund if you’re still not comfortable

100% Aussie Made

Proudly designed and made in Sydney

Comfort Guaranteed

No risk – adjust mattress until you’re happy

Honeycomb Springs

Non-zoned and optimally arranged

Typical pocket spring sets contain 870 coils. Ours are 1160 pocket springs arranged in a honeycomb formation.Β  This arrangement prevents the need for firmer coils (zones) under the hips which can be very uncomfortable.

5 cm Dunlop pour method Natural Latex

Certified by eco-institut

There is no other foam in the world that is as natural as Dunlop latex. This will last 4 times longer than any other plastic-based foam product.Β 

2000 micro-coils

Airflow and conformity

Ventilation and comfort. This is where the Aurora gets its signature “huggie feel”. This reduces pressure on the hips and shoulders.

Protective latex layer

Super flexible layer

This layer is a highly elastic latex layer. Comfort is elasticity, and this layer allows the pocket springs to be used to their full potential.

Zip-off cover

Access the entire mattress inside

Our zip-off over gives you access to all of the interior components. This will allow you to make up to 14 different adjustments. That’s 23 mattresses in 1!

Bottom Cover

Completely removable from the rest of the mattress

This cover can be taken off to expose the whole spring system. This allows ausbeds to be able to change any component of the mattress.

  • Locally made

  • Adjustable to 22 different mattresses

  • $2 per km fast delivery within 100kms of Marrickville

  • Free Delivery within 15kms from Marrickville

  • 100 days comfort guarantee

Mattress Dimensions


Width – 183cm
Length – 203cm
Depth –Β  31cm
Weight – 69kgs


Width – 153cm
Length – 203cm
Depth –Β  31cm
Weight – 60kgs


Width – 137cm
Length – 187cm
Depth –Β  31cm
Weight – 52kgs

King Single

Width – 107cm
Length – 203cm
Depth –Β  31cm
Weight – 42kgs


Width – 93cm
Length – 187cm
Depth –Β  31cm
Weight – 35kgs

Mattress Comparison

MattressPrice (Queen)Key Features
Cooper Polyfoam

Recommended for budget buyers needing basic comfort.
Affordable, Moderate Durability, Good Motion Isolation. It’s 31cm thick.

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Aurora Latex

For Eco-conscious shoppers needing lasting support.
Eco-friendly, Exceptional Durability, Excellent Motion Isolation, Breathable. It’s 31cm thick.

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Cloud Latex

For people that like the Aurora, but want even more comfort.
Exactly the same as the Aurora, but it has an extra 2000 micro sprongs making it more “Cloudlike”. It’s 34cm thick.

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Layers Demonstration

Making the Aurora firmer or softer

What’s inside

Top Layer

Tencel Quilting

Second Layer
5cm Natural Latex (Dunlop pour method)
Third Layer
2000 Individually wrapped micro springs
Fourth Layer
Another 2000 Individually wrapped micro springs
Fifth Layer
1cm latex – To protect the springs from rubbing together (for durability)
1160 Pocket springs (Honeycomb set)
Fully removable for easy alterations

One Bed, Two Comforts: The Perfect Sleep Solution for Couples

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With us, you get to customize each side based on individual weight and comfort preferences.

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