Ausbeds Mattress Prices

Our 3 mattresses have 3 different price ranges. Here is the prices and a basic overview of the differences between them.


28cm thick
Comes in 1 firmness
  • 7cm of Medium-density polyfoam
  • Bonnell springs
  • 5 year warranty

Single - 450
K'single - 550
Double - 650
Queen - 750
King - 850


33cm thick
Comes in 3 firmnesses
med-soft, med, med-firm
  • 10cm high-density Poly-foam
  • 20cm Pocketsprings
  • 10 year warranty

Single - 950
K'single - 1050
Double - 1150
Queen - 1250
King - 1350


33cm thick
Comes in 3 firmnesses
med-soft, med, med-firm
  • 10cm Dunlop Latex
  • 20cm Pocketsprings
  • 10 year warranty

Single - 1150
K'single - 1350
Double - 1550
Queen - 1750
King - 1950

Available in-store

Really Low Prices

We've slashed around 65% on the typical cost of a high quality mattress by being local to Sydney first and foremost

Lowest Possible Margins

We've reduced our margins as low as possible to give you the highest quality product at the lowest price.  The only padding you get from us is in the mattress – not the price.

No Mattress Sales Needed With One Low Price

We’ve made our top rated Sienna mattress available to you for under $1000 every day of the year. We don’t fluctuate the price with holiday seasons so we can sting you later.  We don’t pump out false coupon codes to trick you into thinking you’ve “grabbed a bargain”. 

No Compromise On Quality For Price

Our hard line as a local business is to provide a lifetime of comfort and quality to you - this is something we never compromise in our goal of providing the lowest price. The only way we can reduce price is behind the scenes, and we've done that through reducing business expenses, travel and shipping costs, bulk orders - you name it and we've implemented it - but never reduced the quality of our mattresses.

Typically 65% Cheaper Than Retail

The traditional retail mattress chain have layers of ‘middle men’ that don’t improve the quality and end up costing you more.  We’ve cut the distribution, corporate, and franchise components of these traditional outlets to enable you to buy at the lowest price possible.

Best Value Found Online

On the other end are online 'drop ship' entrepreneurs that do compromise quality for cheap goods, but get greedy in between.  We aren't an Ebay store, we don't roll our mattresses up in a box, and we aren't an online front with dusty mattresses stacked up in some strange blokes garage. 

We're a local Sydney business with a no frills store looking to provide value with our reputation on the line with every mattress sold.  Our business model revolves around transparency, quality and fairness. We sell at a price we know we'd like to buy at.

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Ranging from $300-$450

Our Really good mattress, great as a starter mattress


Ranging from $950-$1350

This Mattress is even better with 5 years of flawless reviews.


Ranging from $1000-$1950

Our newest addition, This mattress really is, the best.

Available in-store only

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Sydney phone 02 8999 3333

Factory Open To The Public

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