• Jasper


    The Jasper is the firmest of our mattresses, if you’re looking for a more supportive mattress then this is the one for you. Make no mistake though, this is a firm mattress, Definitely suited to those who sleep mainly on their stomach or back.. Also suitable for people over 85kg as it’s extremely supportive.
  • The Spring

    The Spring

    Ausbeds Jasper is constructed with 713 high quality springs, sewn individually into pockets. Our pocket springs are: – Durable, hard wearing and long lasting – Open-spring for greater air circulation, so you don’t feel too hot – Independently standing, allowing better weight distribution Almost all other mattresses in the market at this price range, utilise inferior ‘continuous coils’ which have less air circulation, noisier and don’t last as long as pocket springs
  • The Foam

    The Foam

    Naturally antibacterial. Commonly believed to be “too hot” it is the only mattress foam top have ventilation holes and is, in fact, the coolest of all foams to sleep on.
  • Black Base

    Black Base

    The top of the ensemble stands 36cm high, It is wrapped in Thick Weaved Fabric and will add that touch of class to any bedroom.
    The Silver corner guards are removable.