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Really Comfy Mattress

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The Sienna Mattress

The Sienna, finely refined over the years and adjusted to find the right balance between strong support and soft upper layers that offer unbeatable comfort, durabilty and value.

The Sienna is our most popular mattress. Using a zero distrubance Pocketspring system.  A combination of latex for cooling and memory foam for comfort, this mattress does not compromise on quality. The Sienna mattress offers excellent value for money.

The mattress consists of a generous 200mms in depth 716 pocket springs. and is covered in a cooling carbon fabric giving a quality, up market look and feel.
The Pocketspring system is reinforced with a high density polyfoam wall offering stability and support across the entire mattress surface.

Gel Memory Foam

Memory foam actively moulds to your body in response to heat and pressure; we describe this feeling to customers in the showroom as “squishy”.

What does this mean for you?  The memory foam surface evenly distributes body weight which creates less pressure points. This results in less waking up, and more sleep!

Foam side-wall

Don't roll off the side!

The side wall increases the usable area on the top of the mattress when compared to mattresses without side support.

Premium weaved fabric black base

The top of the ensemble stands 36cm high, It is wrapped in thick weaved black fabric which is highly durable. This base is a high quality product and will look great for many years due to the durable fabric.

Standard white base

Upgrade your bedroom with our standard white base, Upholstered in a white poly-cotten fabric, it offers support for your mattress and adds a touch of style to your room.

Want to buy the Sienna Sr6?

As a general guide, If you weigh between 75kg-95kg this mattress will most likely be a good fit for you.

Or how about the Sienna Sr4?

As a general guide, If you weigh less than 75 kg this mattress will most likely be a good fit for you.

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  • Sienna Reviews

    Fabulous company to deal with!!


    Model: Sienna Date Purchased: Aug 2017

    This was a wonderful company to deal with. From the very beginning, George was so helpful with no "hard sell." Their satisfaction guarantee is second to none and I felt comfortable knowing I had this to fall back on. Harry who delivered the mattress went way and beyond with his wonderful service, even helping me to move our old mattress. I am happy to recommend this wonderful company for their very friendly service and quality product. Keep up the good work guys - there should be more companies like you.


    Being vertical is overrated, live horizontal!


    Model: Sienna Date Purchased: Jan 2018

    I'm probably going to lose my job thanks to Ausbeds, but that's fine, I'll have more time to spend on my awesome Sienna mattress. From start to finish the product and service are impeccable. A big thanks to Harry who was treated to a hot, humid day and about 50 stairs, but he got my bed in place and also took all the rubbish which was great.


  • Durable Mattresses

    Highly Recommended


    Model: Sienna Date Purchased: May 2017

    Bought the queen-sized Sienna at the store 237 days ago and it has been a comfortable sleep every time since. No evidence to this stage of any deterioration or collapsing. Pleased with the purchase and the service at the store.


    Best night sleep for a long time. Great product and excellent customer service at the point of delivery.


    Model: Sienna Date Purchased: Aug 2018

    Very comfortable purchase. Bought on recommendation from my son and daughter-in-law who purchased the same mattress two years ago and had never had a bad night's sleep since there only regret was not buying the king-size. It's a hard life.


  • Delivery

    Fastest service ever.


    Model: Cooper Date Purchased: Feb 2018

    Amazingly fast delivery. I ordered the base and the mattress in the morning and soon after I got a call from Harry asking when he could deliver. He was there as he promised just a few hours after I placed my order. I would definitely recommend Ausbeds!


    Excellent product and service


    Model: Cooper Date Purchased: Jun 2018

    We are extremely satisfied with our purchase. The mattress is comfortable and just as the description read. The delivery was same day service and completely hassle-free. Harry the delivery guy was punctual, friendly and incredibly helpful, even carried the mattress upstairs to put directly onto our top bunk.


  • Friendly Service

    Yes yes yes!


    Model: Sienna Date Purchased: Apr 2018

    We’ve had our Ausbed for a few weeks now and absolutely love it! We visited the showroom in Marrickville on a public holiday (Easter Monday) and after deciding we liked the Sienna (that includes an amazing gel foam layer) in medium, George was happy to accommodate our crazy weekly schedule and have it delivered the same day!

    As this was a public holiday and George was the only one in the office at the time and did the delivery himself, I thought this was outstanding customer service.

    Would highly recommend anyone to get an Ausbed - it’s like sleeping on a cloud


    Excellent, comfortable, affordable


    Model: Cooper Date Purchased: May 2018

    My Ausbed is so comfortable, of high quality, and just perfect. Best sleep I've had for a long time. The delivery was timely, with phone messages telling me exactly when the bed would arrive, and the delivery man was very helpful.
    With such professional, personable, friendly service, I would gladly recommend Ausbeds to anyone needing a good comfortable, supportive nights sleep.