Take the guide to get your number.

 This number will determine the support level of your mattress.  For example, people with higher weights will require higher levels of support. If the guide tells you to get an “8”. Then you know there’s a good chance the Cooper 8, Sienna 8, or Aurora 8 will work for you.

Info about this guide

Why do I need a number?

The number determines the support level.

For example, if you are 90kg, you need more support than a 60kg person. However, too much support is also an issue. The numbers are 4, 6, 8, & 9.

9 is “very-supportive”

Instead of going through this hassle, why don’t I just get a simple online mattress in a box one-size fits all mattress?

There is no such thing as one size fits all.

We have been working on this way of fitting people to mattresses for ten years. We’ve taken out all of the unnecessarily complicated terminologies and marketing terms and just concentrated on 3 things

1. Getting the “fit” right, and making sure we can easily change the “fit”  after delivery

2. Making sure it stays in that fitted shape as long as possible by using great materials

3. Making sure we can replace any layer that wears out so you don’t need to throw the whole thing away should a layer wear out.

What if “I just want a firm mattress”?

That’s fine, you can just get a 9. However, we’ve found that different weighted people have different expectations of firmnesses.

For example, you may get a “9” and then find out that actually the 9 is too firm, and an 8 was firm enough. The guide will give you a bit better chance at “getting it right the first time”.

What if I get the mattress delivered and it’s still not right for me?

👍 No worries, the mattresses are fully adjustable after delivery. We can change the number later!

🤔 Click here to see how that works

Why do you use numbers instead of just saying soft, medium, firm ?

I’ll use some examples to explain as mattresses can be tricky.

Bob is a 90kg man, he wants a soft mattress. So he buys the “soft”. Bob is going to sink too far in and he’s gonna have a bad time, there isn’t enough support.

Sarah is 60kg and buys the same mattress, Sarah finds the mattress feels “just right”. She will have a good mix of support and comfort.

The number system is designed to take your weight into consideration before making a recommendation with the goal of “getting it right the first time”.

What if my partner and I are in completely different weight ranges?

For Couples that receive different numbers, we recommend you do 1 of the following

1. Give us a call and we can give you some advise on which one we think you should get. 8999 3333

2. Get the Aurora model as it will have enough support for the heavier person and it still has enough cushioning on the top for the lighter person.

For example, if you were recommended a “4” for the lighter person, and an “8” for the heavier person.

The Aurora 8 is thicker and will have good support for the heavier person, and the micro springs will still be cushy enough for the lighter person.

3. Come to the showroom and try them. And remember, we can easily adjust the mattress to a different number post-purchase. Click here to see how that works

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