Mattress firmness guide

This guide is based on the experience we have from fitting people to mattresses for more than 10 years.

Our best pieces of advice

Too firm/soft?

Don’t worry! We can easily adjust this after delivery. The mattress is completely modular and can be changed to any other firmness. See here for more info

Do you weigh over 90kgs?

Many dipping issues occur because the springs aren’t firm enough to support the body weight. If you’re 90kgs and above you’ll sink too far into an “8” (med-firm). You’ll need a “9” (firm) to prevent the sagging feeling.

The difference between the models

The Aurora uses 2000 micro springs, It has more cushioning than the Cooper and Sienna and is better for side sleeping.

Notes about the “9”

The Sienna and cooper “9” has the same firm springs as the Aurora “9”, However the Aurora “9” Has more comfort material on top.

“9” firm not firm enough? You can turn the spring unit over to make it firmer. Now it’s a “9.5”.

Still not firm enough? We can change the latex to make it a “10”. We advise trying the “9” before changing to the “10”. Not many people need it firmer than a “9”

Notes about the “8” (med-firm)

The “8” (med-firm) can be made softer at home. There are 2 softer options within the mattress. It can be changed into a “7” (med) or a “6” (med-soft)

The “8” is a very safe bet for this reason. If you weigh between 70-90kg you should get the “8”

Notes about the “6” (medium)

If you weigh less than 65kgs, There’s a high probability you’ll like the “6”. However in the showroom, 30% of people that weigh under 65 kgs will get a firmer mattress.

If you weigh less than 65 kgs, and you like a firm feel, get an “8”. If you like a “really firm” feel, get a “9”

Want a super-soft?

We also do a “4” (soft) which is the softest setting, however, we find that “6” (medium) is soft enough for most people. It’s best to start with a “6” (medium) and if you want softer it’s possible to change it later. We do this by changing to a softer piece of latex.

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