You are between 65 – 85 kgs and you mostly sleep on your back

We can’t say for sure which one you will like, but as you can see, most people in your weight range will be happy with an “8”.

45% of the people in your weight range get an “8”.

35% get a “6”.

Don’t get a “4”,Β  You’ll probably fall into it too much and get a sore back.

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We’re pretty sure you’ll like a β€œ8”

If you sleep on the Aurora 8, Sienna 8, or Cooper 8 you can expect the following ⬇

Back Sleeping
😍 It’ll be pretty damn comfy
πŸ€• Not much risk here! However if something does go wrong

We can change it to any other number after delivery.

We’ve got a system for that

What if you like a firmer feel?
πŸ‘‰ You should get the “9”
However, please be aware that the Sienna 9 is very firm. The Aurora 9 has very firm support, but it has quite thick soft upper layers also.
What if you like a really, really firm feel?
🀨 Some people just love firm mattresses, regardless of bodyweight or sleeping style. If this is you, consider that the “9” is definitely a very firm mattress. If you don’t want very firm, get an “8”
Can the mattress be too firm?
πŸ€“ It’s definitely possible to go too firm. Especially if you have wide hips, or large shoulders. Straighter bodies have better luck on firmer mattresses

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