The Cooper

Cooper, a thick innerspring mattress for those on a budget, or looking for a temporary solution.

The Cooper, may not get all the bells and whistles of the "Sienna". However, you'll still get a full size, thick, durable innerspring mattress that will last many years. The Cooper, just like the Sienna is not rolled into a cardboard box.

Please note, we always recommend the "Sienna" for an adult looking for a long-term sleep solution.

Ok, but what's it feel like? is it firm, soft?

The Cooper mattress is going to be a medium feel mattress for people in the weight range of 65kg - 90kg. This is a "rule of thumb" and in no way can we guarantee that it will be perfect for you.

Everybody is different. We've sold this for over 5 years and in 95% of the cases, people within this weight range have had no problems with it. If you are part of the 5% that don't like it, that's ok, we've got great systems in place to make sure you don't get stuck with it! You can read about our really simple returns here.

Incredible Comfort Guaranteed

Each of our mattresses has been designed and engineered locally after years of research and development.  We’ve perfected the problems people have had with mattresses, and our customers think we’ve nailed it.

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Our Cooper Range

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