About the ausbeds mission

Our mission - We're just trying to make it really easy to get some decent sleep, maybe even an afternoon nap

Finding a new mattress can be comparable to looking for a new place to live. You've got a time limit, and it's full of unexpected surprises. What you end up with sometimes doesn't seem like what you signed up for.

If you sign a lease, move in and the neighbours are loud every night and you can't sleep it's a major problem. It's the same result as buying the wrong mattress.

You can't sleep properly if you get it wrong.

Let's have a look at a few ways you can maximise your chances of sleeping properly.

Picking the right mattress company

There are some great mattress companies, and there are some that are less great. I can help you identify great mattress companies.

Tip 1 - Make sure they actually honour the promises made on there website. 

Check that the mattress company that has a good return policy. Some companies say they will let you get an exchange/refund, but they make you jump through a million hoops so that you eventually give up.

Read negative reviews on the company, do people complain about how difficult it was to have there refund honoured? Then it's most likely you will have the same issues.

Tip 2 - Make sure they use good quality foam

Most polyfoam mattresses use low-density foam, this is the cause of mattress dipping. There is also good polyfoam that doesn't dip so easy. It's called high resilience polyfoam. Where I use polyfoam, I use this.

Read reviews
The best way to avoid a mattress that will dip is to go to the product review of the mattress model that you are looking at. Filter by star rating and choose 1 and 2-star ratings only. If there are many people saying that they have had the mattress for a year and the mattress has dipped, then the mattress uses cheap, low-density polyfoam. This is the biggest landmine after spring tension. You'll be in the market for a new mattress within a year.

About the founder and owner of Ausbeds,
And how Ausbeds was formed

Based in Marrickville, Ausbeds is an independent Australian mattress company.

Ausbeds is owned and operated by Karl van Lieshout

Karl came from the family that created the Super Amart empire, one of the leading furniture, bedding and outdoor retailers in Australia. 

Karl grew up assembling cabinets, bed frames and all kinds of furniture as young as seven years old in his father's furniture business. However, he does admit that he thinks his father was making him do this to keep him occupied.

Ausbeds Factory/Showroom

136 Victoria rd, Marrickville
Sydney phone 02 8999 3333

Factory Open To The Public

Mon-Fri 10am - 5pm
Sat-Sun 10am - 3pm