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    Very happy

    SIENNA SR6 KING SINGLE purchased in April 2019

    Good service. Excellent delivery very comfy bed. Still adjusting to bed type but feel sleep will be a whole lot better. The mattress is firm enough to support your body. Find the memory foam and latex mix very supportive


    Great mattress, great service!

    SIENNA SR6 QUEEN Purchased in March 2019

    From the minute we started our shopping experience right until the end, the experience has been seamless. Thanks, Josh for being so helpful but not pushy when we were trying the mattresses in your showroom. And huge thanks to Harry who was so friendly and helpful, the best delivery driver I've ever had. I'd like to give him extra kudos for helping us move the heavy king sized sienna up our stairs, particularly as it got stuck due to its size! Like the guy was so positive and motivated to get it sorted, he's a real champ. In terms of the mattress, we LOVE it. We were a bit worried that the mattress would be a bit firm but can I tell you, it's only been 2 nights and we're sleeping so well, not waking up with aches and pains in our hips and back anymore. Thank you Ausbeds! Wish we'd found you sooner.


    Great Mattress Great Service

    SIENNA SR4 KING Purchased in March 2019.

    We had a full latex mattress but our new ausbeds mattress is a combination of latex top, sturdy foam and pocket springs. I find it more comfortable and had a great sleep. When the bed was delivered, it had a small hand mark during delivery on it. I notified the owner Karl that evening and the next day he came on the delivery to make sure all was ok with a new unmarked one. Absolutely great service.


    Amazing service...

    COOPER DOUBLE purchased in March 2019

    Absolutely amazing service and professionalism shown by the guys at Ausbeds. Went to get our son a double bed on a Saturday afternoon.It was delivered the next day. Service and professionalism from the guys was on point.

    Thank you - highly recommend these guysz mattress-review-sydney

    It's simply great mattresses and service!

    SIENNA SR6 SINGLE purchased in March 2019

    Due to an injury, we decided to upgrade our mattresses as the old ones were just very painful to sleep on. So off we go on a hunt for the best mattresses available. We went to a couple of those big mattresses companies and went away more confused than ever due to the huge selection. And the sales people were not much help either as I can see they are as confused as we were.

    I decided it is a waste of time and very painful to have to go around and testing all these mattresses. So we googled and found Ausbeds. So off we went because of the great reviews I read about them. We were most surprised by the small selection of mattresses available for us to try. But it very quickly dawned upon us that the few selections are all we needed to try. We found the sr6 to be just nice and it is the only bed that my injured wife could actually lie on without much pain. And so we bought a couple of them.

    The fact that we can always change our mind and swap for one of the others within 100 days is a great offer. After all, some times, it does take a bit of time before one can really confirm if the firmness is what that suits us best. It's been a few weeks now since we got these beds. And all I can say is, they are money well spent. Certainly, best beds ever comments we get from relatives who visited and tried them. They will certainly won't hesitate to drop in on Ausbeds should they need to replace their mattresses. And they come with a 10 year warranty too!

    Now on to service. What can I say? We were encouraged to try the beds for as long as we like. No hurrying or any hassle at all. And then, we get delivery same day. All very efficient and friendly service. So for anyone who wants a no hassle service, this is the place to be. The best thing is they only sell the best. No need to go wondering and trying all the other myriads of beds that ultimately leads to confusion and empty-handed trips. I highly recommends Ausbeds!


    Great service, excellent product. This bed I'd so comfortable it has me sleeping like a baby.

    SIENNA SR6 QUEEN purchased in February 2019

    Sleeping well now I have upgraded to ausbeds. I get a Full nights rest. I am Very happy as is my wife with the comfort level. I have Already recommended these beds to a friend


    love the look & comfort of this mattress

    SIENNA SR4 KING SINGLE purchased in March 2019

    Firstly, thank you, Harry, for delivering our new mattresses. He was on time, texted before he arrived & with ease placed the mattresses. Also, he took the plastic covering for recycling.


    Great product fast service

    Purchased in April 2019

    Ordered the bed, Henry arranged for delivery same day, great company to do business with. When the bed arrived it was fantastic, comfort is amazing we all love it I would recommend using ausbeds.


    Beds made easy

    Sienna SR6 purchased in April 2019

    Clocked the sign for these guys at the metro and wandered down with a cup of joe just for a squizz as I needed a new bed and Harry mase it as easy a buying an old Hoddie. Service was then topped off by the unheard of delivery time of 15 Mins. Unbelievable service.. Amazing sleep since in the bed and I didn't have to sell a Kidney for the thing. Do yaself a favour and get into an Ausbed!!


    Perfect mattress. I sleep much better now.

    SIENNA SR6 KING purchased in March 2019

    The mattress is very comfortable and has been good for my back.

    I am sleeping much better now.

    Would recommend to a friend


    Great mattress, fast delivery

    SIENNA SR4 QUEEN purchased in April 2019

    My previous mattress was a bit too soft. I appreciated that I could try out the different mattresses in the showroom to find the right one. I did look online first and ended up buying the same mattress that their “fit system” recommended. I have only had it a few days (and it’s on the ground without a frame), but the mattress has been very comfortable and enabled a good night’s sleep. The delivery was quick, easy, and same day(!!), and Harry lugged it up the three flights of stairs with no complaints. Overall, very pleased with the purchase.