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Before we get married

You like us, we like you, so what are we waiting for? 

We’ve made our promises clear, really comfy, really durable mattresses with our love, dedication, and support for many years to come.

However,  We also expect you to hold up your end of the deal. We’ve told you what we can do for you, now here’s what you can do for us.

Get the right base

Every good relationship requires a good foundation

Your new ausbeds mattress or any mattress for that matter will mould to the base beneath it. Got flexible flimsy slats in your current base? Your mattress will end up in the same shape.

We have found that every ausbeds mattress that has dipped has been because of flexible slatted bed bases. We currently believe that a mattress on this type of foundation will show valleys in the mattress within 18 months.

Therefore upon delivery, if your base is found to have flexible slats we will change your warranty 2 years only.

In this case, it’s not us, it’s you.

Let’s date for 3 months

If it goes well, then we can get married after.

We’ll give you a 3-month test run on the mattress only, nothing else.

This test run will only stay in effect if the mattress is in a relatively reasonable condition. Small marks, animal hair, small rips, for example, are no problem.

We’re not equipt to dispose of a biohazard 😷.

Get the right size

This happens too much. Check the size of the mattress before you purchase.

Once an ausbeds mattress leaves the warehouse it is a used product and we have to dispose of anything that’s left the warehouse. Therefore it is extremely expensive and extremely wasteful for us to replace a mattress because it’s the wrong size.

Pretty simple right! Let’s get on with it then